Open letter to Luka Modrić: Don’t think about it and go to Inter

Dear Modrić, I know that this is going to sound strange to you coming from a Real Madrid fan, but you must leave Real Madrid now. Take the Inter’s offer and go out while you’re at the top.

I appreciate the services provided to Real Madrid, but you must understand that Madrid is not a football team, it is a full-fledged company. And unfortunately, it is a company that does not value the person, nor the sacrifice, only the money.

Madrid has won everything in the last four years, and now comes the time of the skinny cows. Right now the irrational madridism applauds you and cheers you, but in a few months, when things do not go well, they will start to boo and whistle you, and they will forget everything you have given us.

I have seen it before, they have done it to all the great stars of the team, from Raúl, Iker Casillas and even Cristiano Ronaldo himself. You will be next.

In Real Madrid, you will not win anything that you have not already won, and you will not be paid as the star you are. You will always be below others who contribute less than you, and the applause will go mostly to the Spaniards. After all, they are the national stars.

In one month you will be 33 years old, and when you finish this season, you will be 34 years old, and no one will offer you a 6 years contract at the rate of 10 million net by year (18 million gross).

If you miss this opportunity, I assure you that you will regret it in a few months, and at the end of the season that is just beginning, the same Real Madrid that today asks you not to go, will throw you out the back door, but then there will be no more millionaire offers waiting for you.

Modric Goodbye

Dear Modrić, think of yourself and your family. And above all, look at yourself in the mirror of Raúl, Pepe, Casillas and Cristiano. If the Madrid fans are grateful, they will understand your decision. If they are not grateful, then it is not worth sacrificing your welfare for them either.

As a fan of Real Madrid, it will hurt me to see your departure, but I prefer you to go and be happy at Inter than see you leaving humiliated and through the back door as so many others who gave everything for the team in the past. And at the end, they carried with criticism from fans that not really value anyone.

Hear my advice, and go now to Inter.

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